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  • Title: Washington International University
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Course Description Tuition.. What Is An Accelerated Program?.. Online Application for Enrollment.. (Credit Card).. (Bank Wire).. Print Mail Application.. Admission Requirements.. What The Graduates Are Saying.. Questions Answers.. Graduate Map.. Memberships.. Other Information.. No Cost Evaluation.. Internet Library.. Internet Library Login.. Contact Us.. Faculty.. Study when you want!.. No classrooms!.. No deadlines!.. Low "fixed tuition".. The degree program has broadened my understanding and I have found it very useful in my area of work.. Professor Jennifer Schneider was very encouraging and that motivated me a lot during my studies.. George Ouko.. Kenya.. Studying with WIU was a rewarding experience.. I was guided to deepen my understanding of my area of expertise and make valuable use of my experience in my field of work in education in the Middle East.. Faiza Abdul Qayyum.. Saudi Arabia.. What WIU offers few other universities do; great assistance, great follow up, great team and great fees.. Thank you very much for what you've offered, I am really grateful.. Dr.. Ahmad Abdul Hadi.. Lebanon.. I am very satisfied with the program which perfectly suited my very hectic schedule as a Student Affairs executive.. It was a great and fruitful learning experience.. Munketh Taha.. United Arab Emirates.. My classification level went up - I am now holding a supervisory position and have a brand new office.. I thank WIU a lot.. Soon I will initiate my master's degree.. Jacinto Lourenco.. USA.. The flexibility of the Ph.. D.. program enabled me to study conveniently and without deadlines.. A special thank you goes to Dr.. Michael Busler, who has often and patiently guided me throughout the dissertation.. Jared Bogonko.. I have enjoyed studying with WIU immensely.. I had a very supportive professor who helped me with my questions.. I am satisfied with WIU.. Ujwal Dhurandhar.. Creative Higher Education.. Among our prominent and respected graduates are:.. President of Congo, Honorable Joseph Kabila.. High Court Judge Andrew K.. Bashaija.. Deputy Minister of Education Asman Abongotum.. Post Master General Enock Kinara.. Canadian Activist Dr.. Linda West.. Vishwanath Kanad of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Pune.. Traditional universities are education factories.. Each year, the same old regimented, confined text book knowledge is given to millions and millions of people.. Every graduate is your competitor and you won't go far in life with this type of standardized education.. You need more than this average higher education to succeed.. Life is tough!.. At Washington International University, in addition to the many degree programs we offer, we also teach.. understanding.. and.. imagination.. -When you understand you control.. When you imagine, you create and succeed.. -.. In 1994, we established Washington International University  ...   based curriculum formulated to overcome the work - family - advancing age - tuition obstacles and obligations most adult students face in the real in the world.. It works!.. I look forward to the day you will graduate from Washington International University, and put the knowledge gained to good use for yourself and your community.. Yil Karademir.. Founder of WIU.. About the University.. WIU is not a traditional university.. We do not teach many centuries old dull, confined and regimented ways to educate our students.. We open minds, we make creative thinking possible!.. We proudly boast that in 19 short years, a President, a Deputy Cabinet Minister, multi-millionaire businessmen, many politicians and other important people are among our graduates.. We are doing something right.. If this type of education is what you want, please keep on reading.. WIU is an independent distance education university for adults only.. Established in 1994 with students and graduates in 149 countries.. Our faculty on average has 10 years of distance education experience.. WIU degree programs are designed with the needs of the universal student in mind and not for any one country or region of the world.. Graduates are employed by business, industry, international firms, United Nations and governments around the world.. Washington International University is a member of the prestigious International Council For Adult Education (ICAE) in the USA is a full member of The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL).. Exams.. Besides providing you with new knowledge, our objective is to.. increase your communication skills.. As an adult, the art of putting ideas across effectively, articulately and in a short period of time is important for your success.. Therefore,.. book reports and research papers are required instead of exams as evidence of mastery of the subject matter.. At Washington International University, we are concerned with what you know, not how well you memorize!.. How Does Distance Education Work?.. 1.. - After enrollment we send you the study material and the guidelines to write book reports and research papers and assign a personal professor to you.. He/she will be your mentor.. 2.. - You study your books and communicate with your mentor for advice and guidance.. 3.. - You write book reports and a research paper under the supervision of your mentor.. 4.. - When your mentor recommends you to the university for graduation, you receive your degree.. Now, please click on the ".. Course Description and Tuition.. ".. Select the degree program you want and then click on the "Online Application" you prefer to complete.. We look forward to your enrollment today!.. 2013 Washington International University.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Course Descriptions & Tuition - Washington International University
    Descriptive info: Course Descriptions Tuition.. All programs are designed to be completed in one year.. All fees are included in the tuition except study materials.. Tuition can be paid in 3 equal installments over one year (with no interest charged).. Accelerated Degree Programs Tuition.. Choose the field of study that your are interested in, to read about it.. Move your mouse over the course below to view its course description, it will pop-up.. Business Administration.. Bachelor of Business Administration.. Majors:.. Accounting.. ,.. E-Commerce.. Economics.. Finance.. Green/Sustainable Enterprise Management.. Healthcare Management.. Information Systems Management.. International Business.. Management.. Marketing.. Retail/Supply Chain Management.. Small Business Management.. $5,610.. 00.. Master of Business Administration (MBA).. Human Resource Management.. International Banking Finance.. $6,300.. Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration.. $6,900.. Liberal Arts.. Bachelor of Arts.. Counseling.. Developing World Studies.. Education.. English.. Hotel Management and Tourism.. International Studies And Diplomacy.. Mass Communications.. Media Studies.. Philosophy.. Political Science.. Sociology.. World History.. Master of Arts.. International Studies and Diplomacy.. Doctor of Philosophy in Liberal Arts.. Engineering.. Bachelor of Science in Engineering.. Engineering Management.. Master of Science in Engineering.. This course will explore a variety of contemporary accounting topics that deal with the changing role of accounting information in today's business.. Examples of issues discussed include cost concepts and behavior, product-costing systems, resource allocations, capital budgeting, financial control, compensation issues and accounting ethics.. This course will take a strategic look as E-Commerce, discussing the application and E-Commerce technology and solutions to E-Commerce business problems.. Profiles of several successful E-Commerce businesses will be explored in conjunction with learning the basics of starting in Internet Business.. The aggregates, such as government, households, business and the foreign sectors will be examined.. Economic measures will include total output, total employment, and general equilibrium.. Specific areas to be discussed include the principles of Capitalism, the role of government, the business cycle as well as Fiscal and Monetary policy including how the banking system works and the role of the Federal Reserve.. Finally, individual markets will be explained.. The student will learn how to read and analyze financial statements to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the firm and then how to project future financial statements.. Also discussed will be the time value of money, the cost of capital and the valuation of financial instruments.. Finally working capital needs will be determined as well as optimum levels for cash, accounts receivable and inventory.. The purpose of this major is to introduce the students to the principles of managing a business with goal of achieving profitability while being concerned with the environmental impacts.. Environmentally friendly concepts will be incorporated into the basic business principles courses to insure that the student has a thorough understanding of the relationship between profitability and green business.. In addition the concept of managing a business with a view toward social responsibility will be examined.. The Bachelor of Business Administration in Healthcare Management is designed to integrate a foundation of general education and applied sciences with the expertise that prepares the graduate for management position in health care.. The Bachelor of Science in Health Administration curriculum addresses the basic body of knowledge, understanding, and skills identified to be relevant to healthcare administration.. This course provides students with a wide array of knowledge of computer hardware, software and applications.. It focuses on database, word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications.. It provides an understanding of current information technology, how to manage it , and how to integrate it in business processes.. In addition, this course will explore how information that is collected within the systems can be effectively disseminated to meet organizational requirements.. The international dimension of business introduces diversity in cultural, social, and economic background to the management task.. Diversity in backgrounds and management styles must be understood in order to profitably foster cooperation among individuals within the international organization and across organizational boundaries (such as in supplier-client relationships).. In this course you will be asked to read three texts, each of which explores a variety of issues and theories impacting on the success of a management approach.. The course work will include a study of several highly regarded philosophies of management as well as a variety of critiques of prevailing systems of management.. In addition, you will study the concept of teamwork and a variety of ways in which business teams succeed and fail.. This course will highlight the basic principles of marketing and how they apply to the business environment.. Topics include the marketing mix, Life Cycle Theory, marketing segmentation and channels of distribution.. Finally the legal implications and social responsibility will be examined.. A focus on fundamental issues related to the principles and practices associated with the retail and supply chain management field.. Objectives include study of the role and significance of supply chains, with emphasis on the influence supply chains have on the retail industry.. Material will cover aspects of supply chain management critical to a business's success, issues such as supply chain set up, various factors (both expected and unexpected) that can impact supply chain design, set-up and function, and what choice of structure can mean for the customer.. Impact will be evaluated and considered in connection with both the short and long term.. The variety of complex challenges faced by organizations in this area will also be considered and evaluated.. This program introduces students to the critical issues involved in starting and managing a small firm.. Current thinking and practice relating to starting and managing small firms, with specific attention to financial, marketing, and strategic management issues, are explored to help students understand how to apply business management concepts to small business issues.. This program will explore the interrelationship of accounting information and management decisions.. Contemporary topics and financial cases will be assessed to substantiate the importance of accounting information to decision makers.. The focus of the course will be on how decisions and resulting benefits will be affected.. The topics discussed will be of an advanced nature and will require conceptual as well as analytical thinking.. Not only producers, but consumers, are looking to the Internet as the definitive source for information, services, and communication.. The course will take a strategic look at E-Commerce, discussing the application and E-Commerce technology and solutions to E-Commerce business problems.. Profiles of several successful E-Commerce business will be explored in conjunction with learning the basics of starting an Internet Business.. Aggregate analysis including the impact of government, households, business and the foreign sectors will be examined.. Economic measures will include mathematical models to find the equilibrium level for total output, total employment, and general equilibrium.. Specific areas to be discussed include the principles of Capitalism, the role of government, the business cycle as well as Fiscal and Monetary policy including how the banking system works and the role of the Federal Reserve Bank.. Washington International University introduces the new Green Sustainable Enterprise management major.. This major will explore the theory and real world implementation of sustainable business - including an examination of the skills and knowledge you need to create a positive bottom-line as well as desirable environmental and social results.. Each of the selected books will show the risks and rewards associated with green business.. This program articulates the opportunities, challenges, and trends of the blossoming conscious consumer movement using  ...   techniques for persuading others to move to your side of an argument are discussed.. This degree program will take an introductory look at media studies including a review of what effects the various media forms.. The program will include an overview of media studies, will examine production studies, and will provide an introductory look at visual media.. An Introduction to key philosophers and their relevance in the quest for understanding ideas regarding questions of humanity, ethics, truth, knowledge, God, reason, consciousness justice, goodness, etc.. is presented.. Reasoning, critical thinking, and the science of logic is examined as well as the complexity and meaning of language.. The theories and concepts for the understanding of knowledge, epistemology, is studied as well.. The architecture and analysis of language is previewed.. This course is designed for those who want to explore the basics of philosophy, critical thinking and logic.. A review of American political history from colonialism to constitutionalism and the federal system.. Voting, political parties, government institutions, the chief executive the judiciary, civiler and liberties are discussed.. An examination of critical political issues facing the US government in the twenty-first century: healthcare, education environment, immigration, the electronic revolution, defense posture etc How powerful people and institutions influence legislators is examined including how political decisions affect our daily lives.. The behavior exhibited by individuals in a crowd is studied.. Social problems are examined from an economic perspective and how the policies developed to alleviate such problems tend to fail.. Studies the empirical aspects of hoe sociological research is performed and the analysis and compilation of data.. American sociological problems are compared with those of other nations.. Current social issues are discussed including downsizing, income gaps, and the health care crisis.. Additionally, the relationship between popular culture and today's society is studied especially from a political perspective.. This program will involve taking an unorthodox look at the history of the world without focusing on western civilization.. It will also include an examination of the Middle East, both past and present along with the contributions of Asia and Africa to History.. Investigates the techniques, dynamics and therapeutic concepts used in group counseling and group psychotherapy.. The group leader as a philosopher/scientist is examined.. The power of language, cocounseling processes and content development and unethical behavior in cocounselings discussed.. An overview of the theory and practice of Alfred Adler's approach to psychological cocounselings presented.. A comprehensive review of the currently used theories of counseling is provided: similarities and differences between theories, major constructs, change processes and case studies.. The Developing World Studies Masters degree program will take a critical look at many of the issues raised in the Bachelors degree program.. This program will seek to draw comparisons between concepts of political policies and actual implementation.. The program will also take a critical approach to the state of education in the developing world.. Students will also seek to understand how those countries develop.. This course examines the inner life of the dedicated teacher.. What it means to teach and make a connection with students.. Constructive solutions to the many problems facing teachers and teacher self-realization is discussed.. The course presents numerous teaching strategies designed to make the classroom a better place to learn.. A multifaceted view of intelligence is developed in an effort to help students reach their vocational an avocational goals.. Basic learning will be the bachelor's level course description.. The masters level English course is more rigorous than the bachelor's level English course and will require more critique and analysis in the written work prepared for the course.. Numerous methods designed to develop visitor attractions and increase tourism are presented.. Various professional management techniques for hotel, restaurant and tourist attractions are discussed.. Strategy and policy case studies are reviewed which emphasize areas of hotel management and restaurant and tourism management such as tours, cruise ships and airline operations.. International potentially troubling trends into the future are studied: environment, society, and the economy.. The long-term sustainability of various global regions are discussed along with the many choices for the future and a discussion of what scenarios are likely to prevail.. The global political environment as well as international defense policies and broad security concerns are examined.. The issues confronting the third world countries are reviewed: poverty, over population, social chaos, and environmental degradation.. This course studies mass media, media messages, media issues, media history, effects, and culture.. Identifies the eight mass media, the major content forms disseminated by the media to mass audiences, and the effects of mass media on individual lives and on the global society.. Reviews the telecommunications technologies that have developed throughout the 1990's, with particular consideration of computer-mediated cocommunicationsuch as the Internet.. Addresses different ethical philosophies throughout history from Plato to Foucault.. Focuses on a mostly traditional approach to ethical philosophy, examining individual theories as they pertain to mass communications.. Covers the origins, path, and practice of focus group research and provides a focused look at the beginnings of modern modes of mass communication.. This degree program will take a critical look at media studies and will cover areas such as visual media, key issues and debates about media studies, and how media affects different cultures.. An analysis of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of the US government.. Topics include: congressional rule changes, reorganization, public support for government institutions, special interests, etc.. The interaction of the Congress and the presidency is examined as well as the historical development of the legislative and the congressional branch of government.. A day to day account of the workings of the Supreme Court is presented as well as the Supreme Court's interaction with the media.. Examines the impact of violence exposure on children and youth.. Contemporary intervention programs are reviewed and new approaches are studied.. The course also examines the practice of bioethnics from a sociological point of view.. The role bioethics plays in the current medical system is analyzed.. Additionally, the growth of public observation and the inevitable loss of privacy is examined.. This program takes an analytical approach to world history, focusing on the areas of the world outside of the west.. In this program, students will be expected to critically analyze the Middle East, Asia and Africa, and learn about their contributions to world history.. This program is designed offers a straightforward, highly applicable foundation for engineers, technologists and scientists wanting to gain knowledge in the Engineering Management field.. As you know, there is an ever-growing need for better project management.. You will study techniques for practical application on project initiation and proposals, scheduling, budgeting and risk analysis.. You will learn key steps to worldwide trends in systems engineering concepts, tools and methods.. You will master maximizing your leadership abilities, productivity, creativity and employee confidence to achieve your own workplace success.. This program will focus on contemporary approaches to progress from engineer to manager.. You will master the transition and skills to develop the necessary attitudes for management.. This course will bring together the whole range of methods used by the world's best performing companies.. You will learn to transition technical competency, the "hard side" of engineering and develop the "soft side" including communication, marketing, ethics, accounting, law and management in order to fully realize your potential in the work place..

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  • Title: What Is An Accelerated Degree Program? - Washington International University
    Descriptive info: What Is An Accelerated Degree Program?.. Principle Idea.. Individuals with substantial work experience often acquire the core knowledge in their professional areas without formal academic training.. These students will profit by enrolling in the "Accelerated Degree Program" at Washington International University.. Accelerated programs bypass the traditional core courses to concentrate on the new development and trends in each subject manner.. Exams are old fashioned and obsolete for the 21st century adult student.. Evidence of mastery of the subject matter is presented through book reports.. Expressing your ideas effectively and articulately in book reports will increase your communication skills at work.. Through research papers you will learn intellectual curiosity, creativity and locate and examine resources related to your subject matter.. The new developments, trends and ideas you will learn that are related to your profession, coupled with improved communication and research skills will assure you a successful career path!.. You will have a personal professor to help and guide your studies.. How do I qualify for the degree programs?.. Accelerated.. Enrollment Requirements.. Study Program for Graduation.. Bachelor's.. Degree.. High school diploma.. Minimum of 25 years old.. Book reports on books selected by your advisor.. One research paper on a topic related to you or field of study.. Master's.. Work experience.. Bachelor's  ...   2.. - You will write one book report for each book and send them in for grading.. Your faculty advisor will comment on your book reports and also help you in preparing your research paper.. You will be able to communicate with your professor at all times via email or fax.. Step 3.. - After you complete your research paper, your faculty professor will recommend you for a degree.. Doctoral Degree.. - After your enrollment a Mentor will be assigned to you and the guidelines for writing a thesis will be sent to you via courier for safe delivery.. - You will select a topic and submit an outline for approval to your Mentor.. After the topic is approved, you will begin your thesis work.. Your Mentor will guide you every step of the way.. - After your Mentor accepts your thesis, you will graduate.. Duration of Accelerated Degree Programs.. All Accelerated Degree Programs are designed to be complete in one year.. You can extend your study time to fifteen months by sending in a written request.. Study Books and Guidelines.. The books related to the student's field of study and guidelines will be provided by Washington International University.. Advance payment required.. Doctoral students will receive guidelines for preparing a thesis..

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  • Title: Online Application - Washington International University
    Descriptive info: Online Application by Credit Card.. After you submit your online application we will contact you by email within 3 business days.. The online application requires a refundable US $150.. 00 deposit.. Payable by credit card (Visa or Master Card only).. RISK FREE ENROLLMENT.. If you are accepted, we will credit your full $150 deposit towards your tuition.. If not, we will refund your full $150 deposit back to you.. YOU RISK NOTHING FOR YOUR SUCCESS!.. General Information.. First Name.. Middle Name.. (optional).. Last Name.. Address.. Post box address if not street address.. Additional Address Line.. City/Town.. Postal Code.. Country.. Work Phone.. Home Phone.. Fax.. Email.. Date of Birth.. Gender.. Male.. Female.. Do you read, write and speak English?.. Yes,.. No.. If accepted, you will be required to provide photo copies of your documents related to education and work experience at a later date.. How did you hear about our university?.. Newspaper.. Newspaper Name.. Internet.. Website Name.. A Friend.. Friend's Name.. My Employer.. Employer's Name.. You must complete one line of Education to submit the application.. Name of School Address.. Date From.. Date To.. Diploma Received.. High School.. Trade School/Poly Tech.. University.. Additional Education.. Total number of certificate courses you have completed:.. Total number of awards/letters of appreciation that are available to  ...   card will be charged a deposit amount of $150.. 00 US dollars.. Your money will be refunded if you are not accepted into the program.. Credit Card.. Visa.. MasterCard.. Credit Card Number.. Name on Credit Card.. Expiration Date.. 01 - January.. 02 - February.. 03 - March.. 04 - April.. 05 - May.. 06 - June.. 07 - July.. 08 - August.. 09 - September.. 10 - October.. 11 - November.. 12 - December.. 2013.. 2014.. 2015.. 2016.. 2017.. 2018.. 2019.. 2020.. 2021.. 2022.. Card Security Code.. What's this?.. Card Security Code (CSC) Number.. The CSC number is a 3 digit number printed on the back of a Visa or MasterCard credit card.. Human Verification.. To submit this form, please enter the following word in the text box below:.. Terms Conditions.. All statements I made in this application are true and correct.. I understand and agree with the content of the WIU website.. I am applying for acceptance to Washington International University.. I understand that if I am not accepted for admission to the university my $150.. 00 deposit will be refunded to me.. However if accepted, this payment will be applied towards my tuition.. By pressing the "Submit Application" button below I agree and accept the above Terms and Conditions..

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  • Title: Online Application - Washington International University
    Descriptive info: Online Application by Wire Payment.. The online application requires a fully refundable US $150.. Payable by bank to bank wire transfer.. IMPORTANT: You must wire your deposit payment within 2 business days after you submit this application.. We cannot start the acceptance process until we receive  ...   Washington International University.. Washington Educational Organization.. Account No.. 6232058708.. Citizens Bank.. 435 Dekalb Pike, King of Prussia, PA USA.. SWIFT: CTZIUS33 Routing No.. 036076150.. The $150.. 00 Refundable Application Fee Payment is payable by wire transfer.. I promise to wire the $150 deposit within 48 hours..

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  • Title: Print Application - Washington International University
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  • Title: Admission Requirements - Washington International University
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  • Title: What The Graduates Are Saying - Washington International University
    Descriptive info: "My Degree Program was extremely enlightening in may aspects, chief among them being up-to-date content as well as innovative tutoring style.. Even before the actual Degree arrived, the qualifications had already enhanced my profile at work as wells as career progressions in my current position.. For this I am thankful to Washington International University.. ".. -Paul K.. Angatia.. "It's great.. I have received my degree.. Believe me I am very happy and feeling more confidence about my future planning.. I really like to thank Mr.. James Doe my advisor for his nice and encouraging comments about book reports and my research.. It's very good education system whenever and how you want you can study.. Most of the time me and my children studying together.. It's education with fun.. -Nazimuddin Ayazuddin Shaikh.. "WIU education is affordable and has given me confidence and recognition by colleagues, institutions and organizations which when I approach them for consultancy services they respond positively.. It has given me a Name, Honor and Dignity among colleagues.. The education from WIU has raised my self esteem and motivated me so much that I am planning to enroll for my Ph.. in Counseling soon.. The education has prepared me to face challenges.. -Agnes W.. Karuga.. "I have received my Doctoral Degree Certificate.. It was a moment of utmost delight and happiness for me and family since it had been a my long cherished wish.. W.. I.. U.. has helped me to fulfill my dream.. I am sure that the experience and information received by this research and reading will help me to guide and lead my students and teachers towards a better life.. It was a wonderful experience to work under my guide Prof.. Dennis Stiles, who never failed to respond to my queries.. His way of analysis, prompt response, brief and to the point instructions, vast knowledge in the subject, etc.. have impressed me.. I extend thanks to all officials of W.. for their prompt and very supportive as well as encouraging attitude towards me.. - E.. K.. Mohammed Shaffe.. "This program was very convenient as I could choose the study time without giving up my working hours.. This degree program prepared me for managerial positions in small businesses as well in larger multinational firms.. It has equipped me with knowledge that will open the door to many different and highly demanded career paths.. It has helped me in the enhancement of leadership skills as well as in acquiring the skills of handling business situations by offering the opportunity to lead teams, gain knowledge of business leadership and be an influential leader.. The MBA program was the passport to my successful career.. -Najibe El-Omari.. Qatar.. "As to the questions how beneficial was my degree program, I can safely say that it made me think and exercised my research and editing skills considerably.. Best wishes for the future of the University which, I feel, is performing an exemplary job in the provision of degree studies by distance learning.. -Gerald Lomas.. New Zealand.. "Regarding the benefit of my degree program, I believe it is a major milestone in my life that would definitely improve my management skills/perspective on global hospitality tourism management.. I will positively introduce the WIU to all my fellow colleagues who want to upgrade themselves.. -Wendy Wong Pei Ying.. Singapore.. "I take this opportunity to thank all of your academic and administrative staff for the wonderful cooperation and support to get my degree in Engineering.. I really enjoyed to study with WIU.. Sincerely appreciate my professor James Doe who has been a change to my life now.. Since my completion I had many opportunities and now I joined a Multinational Organization and I get salary four times more than before.. -Bijumon Joykutty.. "I am very happy to receive the degree certificate in short time.. I deeply appreciate the prestigious Washington International University that provided the best qualify of education.. -Chung Der Hwa.. "I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of my degree certificate and transcript.. I was over-whelmed with joy.. Indeed it was a proud moment in my life.. I would also like to express my deepest sense of gratitude to my advisor Dr.. Michael Busler for his support and guidance in completing my course of studies leading to an award of Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management.. The degree had a tremendous impact on my job and social life.. I was elected chairman, NOGYA.. Once again I thank the entire staff of W.. for their guidance and support during my study.. -Joseph Tabor Wajah.. Ghana.. "I received my degree with integrity and professionalism in your school with all my heart for my hard work in my studies and learn in both ways.. My degree program is beneficial with complete modules during my studies to enhance my professional growth specially in my career presently.. -Abdurahman Abubaker Basri.. "It is also a pleasure to let you know that after finishing my MBA in Finance I could get a new job at the most referenced telecommunication company in my country.. I got a very good position now managing the importing section.. My salary also got increased.. I can't finish this note without expressing my entire gratitude to Mrs.. Lori Grady and Mr.. Michael Busler.. They were admirable advisers during my BBA-MBA studies.. They really taught me the direction I should follow to finish my work and pointed out my reporting strengths when I needed it.. -Jose Fernando Garcia.. Angola.. "I am very satisfied with the program.. I concentrated on the topic of my choice and I could study the issues I was interested in when I ha time to do that.. My study was a great and memorable experience for me.. I am sure that it will prove useful in my future career.. -Katarzyna Zaremba.. Poland.. "My family and I were very excited to be part of an academic institution like WIU.. -Immaculate Chepkonga-Chipi.. Sudan.. "I had been pondering over the years how to achieve this goal (of a Ph.. in Business Administration), considering my full-time engagement both as part-time Lecturer and Economic and Cultural Assistant.. WIU was the way.. and most effective Institution of Learning and Distance of our modern time.. The method of tackling the learning process, directing and valuable suggestions and guidance.. led me to performing at a superior level, for I became each time curious, enthusiastic and motivated to search for the required material.. The general strength of the supervisor lies in the technique of creating the right environment and motivation through proper guidance, for research and learning.. I think that is the biggest secret  ...   human resource management and its contribution in an organization in the ever changing and very competitive world.. Once again, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to pursue this course.. - EphraimWainaina Mungai.. "This program has educated me beyond boundaries.. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I have gathered information that are valuable and will benefit me as I strive for higher education, and improving my performance in the work force.. I am proud to have studied at WIU.. -Dorreth Ramsay-Johnson.. Jamaica.. "I must admit and acknowledge one aspect Prof.. Stiles is a real professional: I am not used to have professors going through papers and evaluating them in a very short period.. You always get detailed responses, out of which, you can learn a lot and upgrade yourself.. Thank you very much.. -Manorma Soeknandan.. Guyana.. "I thank all the staff of WIU for opening doors for quality education that has changed many lives around the world.. My special thanks to Professor Jennifer Schneider for guiding me on my degree program.. The knowledge that I received from WIU let me feel much more confident to overcome barriers from the past few years.. I'm proud of being a graduate by WIU and I encourage my friends do not hesitate to contact WIU because here your dream becomes true.. -Sebastiao Pambo.. Namibia.. "I was very happy as I shared the success with my family.. The knowledge and skills I acquired have provided me with a very positive approach to the healthcare issues related to my country Kenya.. I hope to pursue a Ph.. degree in future and I will enroll at W.. once again.. -Winnie W.. Gathecha.. "After so many years, I have made my dream to complete my education to come true.. That seemed to be possible for me when I realized that I can go through WIU's accelerated program to save time.. The information gained through this program is reflected in my performance and my way of thinking, taking decisions and advising my superiors.. This is expected to have a prosperous impact on my career.. -Naglaa El Bahaie.. "How excited I am to know that Washington International University has awarded me a degree of Civil Engineering.. I am thankful to Prof.. James B.. Doe for his enlightening useful suggestions concerning my degree programme.. I am indeed grateful to all of you for the trouble you have taken for me.. I do mention the invaluable contributions made by the members of Washington International University faculty and staff in shaping the prospective engineers and infusing in them all the required qualities, by virtue of which they would stand out and shine.. -Khurshid Hussain Wani.. "I am confident that this degree is going to be a great help to me in my profession.. It is a major milestone in my life.. I take this opportunity to thank you all for the encouragement and services rendered through the course.. ".. -Mohamed Shaheer.. "Once again I would like to sincerely thank my personal instructors and the Academic offices at the University for guiding me and making my dream come true.. The university has made a big difference in my life and I am heavily indebted to the University for allowing me to foster my career to greater heights with this acquired knowledge.. This will assist and complement my banking experience to drive me into the challenging world of finance with confidence and wisdom.. -Kalpesh Kumar V.. J.. "Received my Degree certificates in Safety Engineering.. I was amazed when I received it.. My colleagues all congratulated me for this wonderful achievement.. I extremely thank you and all the faculties in WIU.. My sincere thanks to Mr.. James Doe for his advise and line of direction.. Regarding the course, it is wonderful and extremely useful for the students.. Although it is a self study course, the materials you supplied for the course are great worth.. It's a great moment in my like and I hope that this Degree will take me to new achievements.. -M.. Arunachalam.. Bahrain.. "It has been a great pleasure to have had the opportunity to be part of this magical fraternity.. The value added by WIU to my life in making me attain a strength to a turning point in my life is beyond any description that I can make in English, but only possible in my mother-tongue.. Thank you all for making it possible for me to attain the degree of my dream with distinctions.. People around me and the organization that I work for have started to realize my existence despite all those years of work experience and diploma certificates that I have accrued in past years.. I'm now confidently prospecting for greener pastures!.. My special Thanks to Prof Tom Szczurek who guided me and gave me space in working on my work and at the end appreciated the effort that I had put in my work.. I must mention with fond appreciation the assistance that I got from Janette who in the last session of my qualification kept me abreast with my mails , assisted and replied promptly and with concern.. Thank you Mrs.. Deal for your facilitation in making my degree be availed to me safely and the kind words of courage.. I feel proud to be a member of the Alumni and will always be part of WIU.. - Ali Mohamed Adan.. "Indeed this is a proud moment and truly, earning this BS Degree in Civil Engineering is most useful in enhancing my future career endeavor.. - K.. Sundaram.. Kuwait.. "I want to express how much Washington International University in particular my advisor Professor Thomas Szczurk for his guidance and support throughout the whole process have meant to me and how they have changed my life.. The more I learned, the more I realized this is what I really want to do.. By the time of my Graduation, I felt this could be my profession.. -Nunes Pires.. "My degree program Doctor of Philosophy in Business in Information Systems Management… would definitely improve my IT skills through gaining a lot of knowledge and being enlightened to new topics within studying my Ph.. degree.. I sincerely appreciate my professor Michael Busler who has helped me a lot and guided me for how to schedule my time to be effective in achieving my target particularly since I’m working as an IT Manager and my time is very stretched.. I really enjoyed to study with WIU and I would recommend this program to all the ambitious IT specialists who are interested to upgrade their IT skills.. -Mamdouh Abe El Moneim..

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    Descriptive info: Does the degree certificate show that the degree was earned through distance learning?.. No, it does not.. We only issue standard degree certificates.. It is NOT important how you completed your education - whether in a classroom or at your home!.. Are Washington International University degrees attested for authenticity?.. All Washington International University degrees are authenticated by the American Government in Washington, D.. C.. Your official academic transcript will be attached to your degree certificate/diploma.. Do Washington International University graduates get better jobs or higher salary?.. Frequently, we receive letters from our graduates informing us that they have "got a better job", received better pay or received a promotion!.. Can work experience, training received, and courses I have completed be evaluated as academic credit towards my future studies at Washington International University?.. Yes! Washington International University degree programs are designed for adults who deserve recognition of their work place achievements as academic credit!.. How good is the faculty and are Washington International University degrees respected around the world?.. Washington International University was founded in 1994 for the purpose of providing higher education and granting degrees to students who meet it's graduation requirements.. Since 1994 we have had thousands of graduates!  ...   a student of great minds.. When can I start my degree program?.. You can start your studies immediately after your enrollment is accepted and partial tuition fees are paid.. How does Washington International University internet library work?.. After enrollment we provide you with a password and you can visit this vast Reference Library any time you wish through your computer as long as you are a Washington International University student.. What is the next step?.. Select the application you want to use for fast and easy enrollment:.. OPTION 1: Online application for credit card users.. You are ready to start the application process now! Our credit card payment system is secure and protected.. You can use it with confidence.. OPTION 2: Online application for bank-to-bank wire transfer users.. You are ready to enroll now.. The online application is fast and easy, but requires an immediate payment for processing.. Payment must be made within 48 hours.. OPTION 3: Print application.. You don't have a credit card and you can't go to the bank to make the payment within 48 hours.. You can print the application, follow the instructions on the third page and mail it with your deposit when you are ready..

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    Descriptive info: Graduates Map.. Geographic Distribution of WIU Student Body.. The diversity of our student population is most impressive!.. Afghanistan.. Albania.. Algeria.. Argentina.. Armenia.. Australia.. Austria.. Azerbaijan.. Bangladesh.. Barbados.. Belgium.. Belize.. Bhutan.. Bolivia.. Bosnia/Herzegovina.. Botswana.. Brazil.. British Virgin Islands.. Brunei.. Bulgaria.. Burundi.. Cambodia.. Cameroon.. Canada.. Cape Verde.. Cayman Islands.. Chile.. China.. Columbia.. Congo.. Cote D’Ivoire.. Croatia.. Cyprus.. Czech Republic.. Denmark.. Djbouti.. Dominican Republic.. Egypt.. England.. Equador.. Equatorial Guinea.. Eritrea.. Fiji Islands.. Finland.. France.. Gabon.. Gambia.. Georgia.. Germany..  ...   Lithuania.. Luxembourg.. Madagascar.. Malawi.. Malaysia.. Maldives.. Mali.. Malta.. Mauritius.. Mexico.. Monaco.. Mongolia.. Morocco.. Mozambique.. Myanmar.. Nepal.. Netherlands.. Netherlands Antilles.. New Guinea.. Newfoundland.. Nicaragua.. Nigeria.. Norway.. Pakistan.. Palestine.. Paraguay.. Peru.. Philippines.. Portugal.. Puerto Rico.. Romania.. Russia.. Rwanda.. Samoa.. Scotland.. Senegal.. Slovenia.. Soloman Islands.. Somalia.. South Africa.. South Korea.. Spain.. Sri Lanka.. St.. Croix.. Suriname.. Sweden.. Switzerland.. Syria.. Taiwan.. Tajikistan.. Thailand.. Tobago.. Togo.. Trinidad.. Turkey.. Turkmenistan.. Ukraine.. United States of America.. Uruguay.. Venezuela.. Vietnam.. Yemen.. Yugoslavia.. Zambia..

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  • Title: Memberships - Washington International University
    Descriptive info: International Council for Adult Education.. Washington international University is registered with and a member of.. (ICAE).. ICAE is officially recognized by the United Nations as a global non-governmental organization responsible for the field of adult education, and affiliated with the United Nations through UNESCO.. The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning.. (CAEL) is a national, non-profit organization whose mission is to expand learning opportunities for adults..

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