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  • Title: CAS – Central Authentication Service
    Descriptive info: .. Central Authentication Service.. Enter your Username and Password.. U.. sername:.. P.. assword:.. The Central Authentication Service is a single sign-on service that provides access to many secure North Shore Community College web services such as Campus Pipeline/Luminis, GMail, and Google Apps.. If this is your first time accessing NSCC web services you may need to.. Setup Your Account.. Need help  ...   or.. Forgot your Password.. ?.. Still need help? Check out the.. Frequently Asked Questions.. or contact the Help Desk at.. helpdesk@northshore.. edu.. or call (978) 762-4000 x4167.. For security reasons, please Log Out and Exit your web browser when you are done accessing services that require authentication!.. Copyright 2005-2007 JA-SIG.. All rights reserved.. Powered by.. JA-SIG Central Authentication Service 3.. 3.. 1..

    Original link path: /login
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  • Title: Setup Your NSCC Web Account
    Descriptive info: Setup Your NSCC Web Account.. Computer Use At NSCC.. Computers at North Shore Community College are made available to students, faculty, staff and when appropriate, to the community at large.. Use is devoted exclusively to educational purposes, including scholarly and institutional communication, information gathering and computing instruction.. It is understood that all users agree to abide by the following rules and regulations.. Rules and Regulations.. All computers are used only as permitted by the College in accordance with NSCC policies and procedures designed to further educational objectives.. Illegal or unethical use which violates those policies will not be tolerated.. NSCC networks are public networks, and NSCC Information Systems reserves the right to monitor remotely, or in person, any/all College computers.. Acceptable use of the College's computing and networking resources includes usage for academic, educational or professional purposes which are directly related to official College business and in support of the College?s mission.. Illegal or unethical computer use will not be tolerated and is subject to legal/disciplinary action.. This includes but is not limited to: (1) any attempt to breach system security, propagate viruses, damage files or otherwise disrupt services; (2) unauthorized copying and sending of software; (3) disregard of copyright and proprietary restrictions; (4) misrepresentation or use of another's work; (5) utilizing material or communication which constitutes sexual harassment, obscenity, child pornography, or creates a hostile or intimidating environment.. (6) intentionally hindering others' ability to utilize any networks accessed from NSCC; and (7) unauthorized use of the name or logo(s) or graphical representation of NSCC without the express permission of College authorities.. Computer users must respect the privacy  ...   privacy.. The College reserves the right to access or interrupt e-mail communications or transmissions for routine system maintenance, technical problems, criminal investigations, or in response to, and in compliance with, a request made under the Commonwealth's Public Records Laws.. E-mail and files related to course work are the sole occasions on which students may download files.. With North Shore's College Web Site, it is possible that personal and commercial web pages are linked to it.. It is understood that the College is neither responsible, nor maintains control over any pages linked to its Web Site.. Unauthorized use of accounts and any other complaints should be reported to the Dean of Enrollment Management or designee (for student violations) or to the Dean of Academic Affairs or designee.. NSCC network users agree to waive any claim and release North Shore Community College, its employees and agents, from any claim, demand, liability, cause of action, or suit for damages arising out of their use of NSCC network(s), including but not limited to: loss of data, equipment failure or consequences resulting from the preceding.. Violations.. Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal, as well as civil liability and/or criminal prosecution.. Unacceptable uses may also constitute a violation of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Massachusetts Wiretap and /or Privacy Laws, defamation, copyright and/or trademark infringement laws and state or federal sexual harassment or discrimination laws.. Student Email Directory.. By accepting this policy, your email address will be made available in a searchable directory to the NSCC community..

    Original link path: /tools/setup
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  • Title: Forgot Your NSCC Web Account Username
    Descriptive info: Forgot Your Username.. Forgot Your NSCC Web Account Username.. This wizard will assist you in determining your NSCC Web Account username.. The wizard will ask you to enter some information about yourself so it can determine your identity.. Note: If you have never setup your NSCC Web Account you must first use the.. wizard.. This "Forgot Your Username" wizard is only for users who have already setup their account.. Thank you..

    Original link path: /tools/forgot/username
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  • Title: Forgot Your NSCC Web Account Password
    Descriptive info: Forgot Your Password.. Forgot Your NSCC Web Account Password.. This wizard will assist you in resetting your NSCC Web Account password.. This "Forgot Your Password" wizard is only for users who have already setup their account..

    Original link path: /tools/forgot/password
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  • Title: CAS – Central Authentication Service
    Original link path: /login;jsessionid=6B3B1FD5B9CE83636ADC1D4A58ED7063
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